Riverwoods, R95th, ACA Clothing

I worked as an art director and cross media designer for Riverwoods / R95th / ACA Clothing which was, at that time, putting a lot of efforts in growth and success of the brand becoming a more fashionable brand.
As Designers, we try creating valuable & lasting communication assets through a very precise and meticulous design process.

Working 4 years in house we created different websites, worked on the Branding and Identity as well on the half yearly fashion collections.
We designed a new E-Commerce Solution for River Woods that increases conversion rates and overall traffic.
We developed different branding websites for R95th, Riverwoods and ACA Clothing.
All on a fully responsive framework so the website works effectively across all devices.
To support the launch of the new collections, we also created poster designs, a branded Facebook and a Twitter page.
We have the knowledge and creative competence required to make you a compelling and eye catching fashion brand website.

Project Details

Client: Riverwoods, R95th, ACA Clothing
Skills: Art Direction, Creative Strategy, Fashion Design, Photo Direction, Concept, Interactive & Responsive Design, Idea and Website development

More Info

Iconic visuals are very important and hold the key to success within the fashion, style and lifestyle industry. Colors, images, graphics, layout, photos and typography all play a big role in the design process for fashion brands. Devotion to details and the capability to create exciting designs to engage with the intended audience.

About River Woods

River Woods is an international and authentic lifestyle brand for the whole family, reflecting strong values as friendship, family values and the sheer joy of living!The key factors of the growth and success of the brand are a strict adherence to quality and a keen and exclusive distribution strategy. Through high-level multibrand stores and the well-known River Woods Company Stores, River Woods has put itself on the map.

About R95th

R95TH bases its designs on a reinterpretation of the classic sportswear look in inspirational and unconventional styles, and it prides itself on knowing how to really spark interest. The rugged vintage feel, daring color combinations, surprising details, and catchy artwork make R95th just that bit different. R95th uses the very best materials and aims at complete comfort.

ServicesArt Direction, Cross MediaYear2014

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