Zur Liebe Zurück

‘Zur Liebe zurück’ is a docusoap produced by Telefilm Saar.
I was commissioned to create the logo design, motion design and broadcast design.
I also designed extras like split screens and caption banners and variations of the logo.
Telefilm Saar was very happy with the designs.
The director imagined a city skyline with some kind of ‘Pink Panther’ logo. So I started working on that idea and decided on using a font that was playful, accessible and contemporary.When I showed the first drafts of the logo and some city designs we came up with the idea to let the city morph into other cities, as the show brought couples (sometimes living in different cities) back together and of course the candidates came from all over Germany.

Client Telefilm SaarServicesBroadcast Design, Animation, AE, MAYAYear2004

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